Background History of CoBA

At the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York (September 2019), there was a consensus on the need for a continent-wide platform. This platform aims to mobilize and unite key stakeholders to collectively address challenges related to blood and blood product issues in Africa.


Based on this consensus, the Coalition of Blood for Africa (CoBA) was conceived and formally established on November 10, 2020. CoBA is a distinctive organization actively working to promote unified approaches, ensuring access to safe, sustainable, and sufficient blood for Africa.


This collaborative platform brings together stakeholders from the public and private sectors, research, academia, media, non-profits, civil society, and others. All are dedicated to championing the crucial cause of ensuring sustainable access to safe blood in Africa. Together, we aim to save lives and make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of communities across the continent.


Together saving lives by enabling sustainable  access to safe  blood in Africa


Zero deaths from lack of blood.

Together we can change the blood narrative in Africa



To champion and advocate for access to blood and blood products across Africa.


To promote blood and blood products safety practices in Africa


To work towards self-sufficiency in the supply of safe blood and its components


To promote and advocate for sustainable systems, infrastructure and funding for blood

Meet the CoBA team

Project Associate

Samira Kibacha