Blood Donations in Response to Kenya's Anti-Tax Protests

In response to the anti-tax demonstrations in Kenya, which resulted in over 200 injuries, there was an urgent need for blood donors. Our strategic partners, the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service (KNBTS), spearheaded a blood drive, collecting over 300 pints in just two days.


Additionally, CoBA, in collaboration with KNBTS and United Asian Networks, organized a blood drive at Don Bosco Church on June 29, 2024. This event successfully collected 109 pints of blood. Beyond the collection efforts, CoBA provided refreshments for donors and the medical team, distributed squeeze balls, and raised awareness about the importance of regular blood donation.


Key Achievements:

  • Blood Collection: Over 300 pints collected by KNBTS and 109 pints collected at the CoBA-led drive.
  • Support for Donors: Refreshments, squeeze balls, and encouragement to become regular donors.
  • Diverse Participation: Significant involvement from youth donors, demonstrating a strong community response.

These efforts highlight the critical role of coordinated blood drives in addressing urgent healthcare needs and fostering a culture of regular blood donation.