World Malaria Day Report Blood

The Neglected Therapy in Malaria Management

In the context of global public health challenges, few issues demand as much focus and imme- diate action as malaria, a longstanding men- ace that continues to devastate communities around the world. The statistics from 2022 Р249 million cases and 608,000 deaths underscore the severity of this issue, especially in the WHO Afro region, where malaria’s impact is particular- ly pronounced. Notably, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Mozambique contributed to over 50% of all malaria deaths worldwide, with Nigeria alone accounting for 26.8% of these fatalities.

Within this context, it is imperative that we rec- ognize not just the numbers, but the profound human impact they represent Children under 5 years of age, bearing the brunt of malaria-relat- ed mortality, alongside pregnant women facing heightened risks, underscore the urgency of our collective response. The mortality patterns observed in endemic regions serve as a stark reminder of the formidable challenges we face in combating this ancient scourge.